The Klosterkeller Siegendorf winery.

“Scrupulous care and quality before quantity.”

Under the leadership of Ing. Gerhard Allacher, this principle has guided the Klosterkeller Siegendorf winery for decades.

“Scrupulous care and quality before quantity.”

The Klosterkeller Siegendorf winery has been guided by this principle for decades.


Managed by Lenz Moser since 1988.

The winery currently managed by Weinkellerei Lenz Moser spans some 24 hectares and is situated on the Hungarian border some 60 km south of Vienna.

Classic red varieties like Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc and Merlot, complemented by a small proportion of Weissburgunder, flourish in the mild Pannonian climate.

Perfect growing conditions
for red grapes.

Thanks to a location close to Lake Neusiedl and the particularly mild Pannonian climate, the tradition-conscious Klosterkeller Siegendorf winery is ideally placed to produce bold red wines –

and the difference is in the taste. Winery manager Ing. Gerhard Allacher has been watching every grape grow since 1996.

“Red wine reaches its full potential here, from classic Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot to O’Dora, a unique red wine cuvée.

Quite simply, since we have the very best conditions for red grape varieties here, we achieve unique degrees of maturity.

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